Are You

Feeling Stuck With Your Current Freelance Business?

Sick and tired of slaving away in front of your computer day in, day out...

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If that’s the case, then pay close attention to this message because I’ll show you...

A Powerful

5-Step Freelance Blueprint

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Transform Your Stagnant Freelance Business Into A Reliable

Client Machine

Finally, Discover How You Can:

Land high-quality clients who won’t mind paying you more (and will give you fewer headaches.)

Get more consistent, high-paying work from different reliable sources—and never worry about where your next project is coming from.

Build a successful freelance “machine” that will take less time to run and could predictably produce income (relieve yourself from the dreaded “feast or famine” grind.)

Be the proud owner of a true freelancing business that runs smoothly—and will also allow you also to enjoy your life.

Get paid what you deserve for your gigs instead of hustling and working day and night for peanuts.

And so much more...

“Here’s Something That You Already Know...”

Being a freelancer isn’t as easy as everyone told you, right?

You see, when you don’t have a solid and proven framework, running a freelancer business can be a total nightmare.

Is this familiar to you?

Dealing with low-quality clients who want the world for nothing...

A workflow that pays the bills, but could be FAR bigger.

The “feast or famine” mode where there are periods where you barely get projects...

Feeling frustrated because your business is not where you want it to be?

If this is you, don’t worry.

Now, what if I told you that there’s a way to double or even triple the amount of clients you’re getting, increase your business and take things to the next level?

Today I’ll Reveal To You a Simple 5-Step Freelancing Roadmap That Will Literally Change Everything For You.

Look, I’ll be honest with you.

Back when I started freelancing, I was a clueless newbie committing terrible mistakes over and over.

I was doing the same thing most freelancers do— selling themselves short and accepting any gig without a business plan.

I started on platforms like, offering design services for peanuts, without experiencing much success.

Then, I was forced to write articles and blog posts for clients who took advantage of me and my precious time.

Naturally, I suffered terrible and discouraging burnout—I almost quit.

It wasn’t until I began to do marketing and copywriting on upwork and landed the first 5-figure contract that I realized that if I wanted more payments and security in life, I needed to change my mindset and my approach.

Coincidentally, by that time, I met one of the most successful marketers who ran several multi-million dollar businesses and learned from him the foundation of my uber-successful freelance business.

Today—for The First Time— i’d Like To Spill The Beans And Show You The Exact Roadmap That Took Me From A Struggling Freelancer To A “liberated” Business Owner Who Sleeps Much Better At Night.

...Allow me to introduce you:

How to Start, Grow And Scale Your Freelance Business The Right Way™

Freelance Formula™ is a step-by-step, do-this-do-that program where I reveal tested-in-the-field methods that are proven to work for freelancers who just got started or are already working for a “meh” rate.

If you’d like to get more high-quality clients and achieve a predictable, regular cash flow with a long-lasting freelancing business, this blueprint is precisely what you need.

Step 1

Strategic planning

It boggles my mind when I speak to freelancers, and they tell me they don’t have a plan in the first place.

You can’t go out there without carefully following a plan—that’s why I’ll teach you how you can develop a solid and lucrative plan that will be the bedrock of your unstoppable freelance business.

You’ll learn about two powerful approaches; the service-first and the client-identification approach.

Each of these will help you determine which direction you want to follow, and pave the way to a super-successful, proper freelance business.

Step 2

Skill acquisition & portfolio building

Once the first step is cleared, it’s time to sharpen your skills, build a portfolio that will wow your clients and lure them into hiring you instead of other freelancers.

Don’t worry; acquiring valuable skills is a piece of cake. you don’t need a lifetime to learn skills that will make you money (I’ll show you how in a straightforward way.)

Now, you’ll also learn the necessary easy steps to build an attractive portfolio that doesn’t take forever to create and that will attract clients and get them interested in you and your services.

Step 3

Launching— Where The Magic Begins

In this section, I’ll take you by the hand and show you how you can dominate the marketplace and job platforms—you’ll be able to easily and consistently attract clients, creating a loyal, high-paying clientele that will come to you over and over again.

This is probably the most fun part because once you discover the secrets that I have prepared for you, you’ll never run out of clients or struggle to find them.

You’ll generate clients on-demand and be able to make money—every month.

Step 4

Acceleration— Your Way To TRUE Financial Freedom

Most freelancers get stuck in the comfort zone and decide that prominent job platforms are all they need to succeed.


The real fun begins when you break free from gig platforms such as Upwork.

You no longer will be fearing being banned, paying ridiculous fees or constantly worrying about the fierce competition stealing your clients.

I’ll reveal powerful techniques, methods, and strategies to begin building your profitable freelancing empire outside job platforms.

You’ll discover how to effectively master the art of lead generation, implement revenue-increasing marketing tactics, and reach a state where clients will chase YOU instead of the other way around.

it’s time to unleash what you always wanted: TRUE financial freedom!

Step 5

Scaling— Time To Sit Back In Your Leather Chair & Enjoy The Ultimate “Autopilot-Business” Freedom!

And last, this step is what will make your mind shift from a freelancer who offers services to a forward-thinking “freelancepreneur”... the top of the top!

In this section, you’ll learn how you can start your OWN agency and achieve incredible levels of success, fast.

Here, you’ll understand how to create an unstoppable team that will do the grunt work for you, while you sit back and run the whole show.

You’ll earn more, while doing less.

Finally, you’ll stop working—you’ll have your professional team to do that for you while you sit back and manage.

Now, this is my vision of success!

Now... There Are Two Types of Freelancers:

The first type is doing well and enjoying a state of semi-success.

They’re able to generate clients, but most of the time these are difficult to work with and always asking for too much.

Also, one of the big problems for them is the inability to take things to the next level and unlock their true potential to earn much more…

In short, they’re constantly feeling stuck and not being able to move forward.

The second type is a special “breed” of freelancers with entrepreneurial thinking.

They’re ambitious, sharp, and savvy individuals who run a BUSINESS that’s rewarding and doesn’t suck up all of their time.

They work with top-class and high-quality clients who pay more and don’t give them problems, plus...

They work less, sleep better at night, and enjoy life while avoiding falling prey to low-quality clients who are a total nightmare.

So the question is...

What kind of freelancer do you want to be?

Today, I’m offering you the chance to elevate yourself and create a powerful freelance empire that can produce stunning results month after month!

What’s Waiting For You Inside

Freelance Formula™

The exact, PROVEN 5-step Roadmap

... that will allow you to 10x your current results (not only will you make more money, but also spend fewer hours in front of your computer screen).

The Powerful “UPU” Cash Craft Frame-work, Plus The Cash Craft Test

Two little-known, yet highly-effective techniques (that almost nobody uses) to know if a certain skill can make you lots of money. And if yes, you can learn it and sell it in record time.

The Easiest And Fastest Way Any Skill Online

Yes, even if you think it’s complicated, you’ll learn tested-in-the-battlefield strategies, tips, and resources that will help you become a “skill learning machine.”

A solid framework that will allow you to find and dominate Any online job marketplace

& get as many high-paying, quality clients as you want

I’ll show you exactly the ins and outs of how to write top-notch proposals, charge the right (premium) price, deal with clients, and much, much more!

The same wildly profitable marketing strategy that I use in MY OWN business

A dead-simple strategy that will help you accelerate your operations and boost your freelance career many times over.

How You Can Build An Consistent, Memorable Brand Your Clients Will Simply Love

Plus the complete game plan to build a “funnel” website that will get you as many high-paying clients as you can handle.

How to dominate the art of cold emailing and cold calling

So that you generate a never-ending and predictable stream of clients willing to pay month in, month out (complete with case studies, scripts and fill-in-the-blank templates!)

A Fantastic, Results-Oriented Method To Dominate & Conquer Even More Job Platforms

& Unlock Fantastic New Sources Of Profit

Plus—the right way to use directories as your personal “client-generating machine.”

Learn Compelling Inbound Strategies, Traffic-Pumping SEO, Robust Email Marketing, Buzz-Creating Social Media Techniques

In Other Words—The Complete Inbound Marketing Strategy

...that will forever change the way you think, run and grow your freelance business.

Master One Of The Most Critical Elements That 98% Of Freelancers Overlook: Marketing Analytics

Once you know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes (explained in simple & easy terms in the book) you’ll be able to know exactly where your clients are coming from.

Take off the “blindfold” and finally know how your marketing is exactly working—down to the cent.

Would You Like To Drastically Scale Your Income ...

In A Simple & Straightforward Way You’d Never Thought Possible?

I’ll show you how you can be even MORE successful with your own agency—an unstoppable machine that will put you on a whole different another level.

You’ll learn—step-by-step—how you can build and run a highly lucrative agency.

Everything Is Laid Out In Do-This-Do-That Fashion, And Nothing Is Left Out

You’ll know exactly what to do in every single moment.

No more guesswork and wandering in the dark, not knowing what the next step might be.

Whether You’re In The Learning/Planning Phase...

...Already a successful freelancer but hungry for more... Or you’d like to accelerate your results quickly, you’ll find the proper guidance in Freelance Formula™.

And remember, every single step is laid out in plain English.

There are no obscure terms or complicated “theories that might work”—you’ll know exactly what action to take to achieve your freelancing goals in the most effective way possible.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because there’s much more!

You’ll Never Find Such An Actionable, In-Depth, And Insightful Freelance Course Like This Out There!

This Is The Ultimate Freelance Success Acceleration Program...

I’ll be totally honest with you.

There are dozens of “how-to-freelance” courses out there.

While some of them are relatively good, the vast majority is incomplete and will leave you to figure out everything by yourself.

(“What should I write? How much should I bid? This is not working... what now?”)

I chose a different route because I decided to condense all of my experience into a 5-star book that will teach you all you need to know to take your freelance career to new heights... and transform your life forever.

And Make No Mistake…

I share with you the exact step-by-step, foolproof approach that I use in my own business.

In other words, this actionable method you’re about to unlock has been put to the test, and it works.

No pie-in-the-sky promises, but a simple & sound 5-step process that you can easily follow.

just imagine how great it’s going to feel when you’re able to generate clients on-demand... and get paid what truly you desire!

More Convincing Reasons To Join Today:

How you can stand out from your competitors & get clients to go only with you: I’ll show you “dirty” tricks that’ll give you an unfair advantage over other freelancers (even those more skilled than you.)

The secret way to double or triple your rates: the right way to exponentially increase your bottom line, all while making you look like one heck of a deal!

Learn how to spot and avoid “Vampire Clients” from miles away that will only drain your time and profits. Start truly enjoying your work and your life!

Are you stuck in the “Feast Or Famine” state? Learn the fastest way to avoid that and get consistent results in your business. Have the security of a “normal” job and the flexibilty of a true freelancer.

My Double-Decker, Love-It-Or-Hate-It 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Either You Love Freelance Formula™, Or All Your Money Back—And You Keep Access Forever.

Here’s the thing...

I’d like you to try Freelance Formula™ risk-free.

Plus, I’d like to remove any doubts or concerns you might have and prove to you that I stand behind every single word written on this page.

That’s why I’m offering a solid 30-day money-back, action-taker guarantee.

This means that you have 30 days to put into action the freelancing secrets that I reveal today.

If during this time, you’re not able to see improvements or you realized you’re not 100% satisfied, then no worries— you’ll get a full refund. Simply send an email to our customer service.

I won’t play games or come up with excuses.

I’ll promptly refund your money, and we’ll both part ways as friends.

No hard feelings.

I want you to make the most out of this unique book and be where you want to be.

If I don’t achieve that, well, your hard-earned money is of no use to me.

This way, you’ll be confident and reassured that I’m trying to help you, and I’m not one of those fly-by-night gurus interested in ripping you off.

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Are you ready to Move Forward?

There are two scenarios right now.

The first one is the one you know too well.

Being stuck in a constant state of stagnation and not being able to reach new heights in your freelance business.

That means staying where you are, dealing with low-quality clients that want the world for nothing, and let’s not even talk about the endless hours you spent glued to your monitor.

The second scenario is the want you always wanted, and one that would be highly fulfilling:

Scaling your current freelance business and living your life on your own terms... Charging how much you want, working when you want, and how much you want.

Right now, I’m offering the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make that happen with a battle-tested 5-step process.

So, what’s it going to be?

Take action right now.

For Only USD 28.99¹

And Lastly...

Lastly, I’d like to thank you for taking your time to read this. I know you’re busy.

I am looking forward to seeing you inside and showing you how you can transform your business and your life!

P.S. Trust me, I’ve been there before...

I hustled and worked so hard only to find that I was in the same spot—with good results, but definitely not as good as I wanted or deserved. That’s why I understand you, and I’m trying to give you a hand.

P.P.S. It’s possible to scale your freelancing and never worry about stagnation again.

Imagine when you’re able to work with DREAM clients who’ll be willing to pay top dollar for your services, without looking down on you and giving you constant problems... while also enjoying LIFE.

One Last Thing...

To be uber-successful, all you need are these 5 stages that I mentioned before:

1. Planning

2. Skill acquisition

3. Launching

4. Acceleration

5. Scaling

In the book, I’ll go over each one of them and show you how to implement them so you can achieve great results.

All in a step-by-step way so that you know exactly what to do at all times.

Seriously, it doesn’t get better than this.

So don’t delay or hesitate and get on board now while you can!

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Remember, there’s no risk here as you’re covered by my honest, no-quibbles money-back guarantee... There’s absolutely nothing to lose.

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